A brave new world



When a girl who rides motorcycles tells you she is not like other women, you can more than likely, take that to the bank. Wild, free, brave, strong, we really are the whole package, we women who see the world from behind sunglasses rather than a windshield.  Modern day pioneers, picking up the gauntlet for Gloria, Nancy and the other women brave enough to take on the world from behind the bars. It’s not that we are better, no snobbery here. We’re just…different.

We’re growing, as well. When I first started in the Motorcycle Couture industry in 2012, approximately 12% of the riders on the road were women. As of 2018, the latest count, that number rose to 20%. More and more women are taking to the streets, providing for a more diverse culture among female riders. The stereotypical biker chick, if she ever existed, is truly a thing of the past. We are artists, nurses, business owners and don’t you dare call us backpacks. I often tell people the best part of what I do here at Stop 6 Highway Couture is getting to know our followers and customers. What an amazing group of women!

Unfortunately, most of the industry hasn’t really caught up and figured out that not all of us have a deep held desire to walk Main Street in Daytona wearing nothing but fishnet. I know my old man would love it if I did, but I do need to think of the children. There are so many kids at Biketoberfest, but I digress.  Stop 6 Highway Couture was created with you in mind, the one who is comfortable in her own skin, on her own bike. A little flash, a little sass and a whole lot of class. The woman who has a presence all her own, knows it and owns it.

There really is nothing sexier than a woman on her own bike and at Stop 6 Highway Couture, we are dedicated to empowering women riders of all body shapes and types. Our extensive Curves Department is where you will find some of our hottest looks for the best prices and we will NEVER up charge for plus size. We carry corsets designed to enhance your natural beauty, yoga pants for winding down, denim to die for and more. Our In the Shop Collection is perfect for a day in the garage or on the road, designed for comfort, fit and durability. Our In the Shop videos will have you laughing and hopefully, wrenching your own bike.

Earlier this month, we lost one of our favorite people to cancer. Melinda suffered from Crohn’s Disease and when I was diagnosed, she reached out to me and we became “Crohnnie Sisters”. A medication we were both taking at the time was found to have a cancer-causing agent and unfortunately, after a valiant fight, we lost her. She was a very special light in this sometimes-dark world and she will be missed. In honor of her passing, we will be donating 5% of this month’s profit to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. We are fighters. I am committed to doing 25 push-ups a day for the month of August to benefit the National Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of my daughter’s father and our dear friend Bo, both of whom we lost too soon.

It has been a crazy few weeks, I’ve been behind the scenes creating a new and I hope, improved Stop 6 Highway Couture experience. All the things that you love will still be right where you left them, but we are adding new features to make your experience truly great. Shop by size, my love. How much time do we waste shopping just looking for our size? I will also be introducing more video images for our items. As of right now, my only models are Stiffany DeManeken, her sister, Gladys Almosova (say it outloud) and me, so bear with me. I am way more camera shy than you think and the mannequins just have no personality. They just stand there being mannequins.  All kidding aside, I hope and I think you will really like what we have done and I hope you will let us know what you think.  

One of the things I love about our group is I never have to wonder, y’all are great about telling us what works for you and what doesn’t. It helps so much, we can’t fix something if we don’t know it is broken, and your input helps us to know where we are going from here. I hope everyone has a great summer with lots of love, wind and laughter. Stay safe and ride pretty!

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