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Shopping for jeans used to be a lot like dating.

You try on a few thousand pairs, decide on one or two that look amazing in the store. The romance continues as they hang in your closet, waiting for that one special day you slip them on, only to find you wish no one had taken pictures of the one time you were seen in public with them.  We get that so we put together this glossary of terms to give you a better idea of what style will work best for you. We aren’t going to tell you what body type should wear what cut. Your body type should wear the cut you like the best and feel the most comfortable in. Again, it’s like dating, sure other people may think It’s weird, but if you’re happy who cares!  Still need help? Call us at 407.612.6457, hit the live chat icon at the bottom of the page or e-mail if you have any questions.


Information about leg openings: There should be two!


Bootcut style jeans         

Bootcut: A boot leg is narrower in the knee than in the leg opening. Manufactures often consider anything with a leg opening between 17 and 20" to be a boot cut jean. However, it does depend somewhat on how wide the knee is. Bootcut jeans are always a good choice because this basic fit will always be in style. Check out our bootcut styles here!


Wide leg style jeans       

Wide leg: This style is usually wider in the knee and the leg opening which makes it a slightly more relaxed fit through the legs. They usually have at least a 22" leg opening. Wide leg jeans are a comfortable style that will look chic worn with flats or heels. It's also a good choice for balancing out larger hips and thighs. Trouser jeans are the dressier version of this style that can be worn to work.


Flare leg style jeans        

Flare Leg: The biggest difference between a wide leg and a flare leg is that a flare leg is narrower at the knee. Visually, there is a much bigger difference in the knee and leg given the "flare" or bell bottom effect. Flare leg jeans have at least a 20" leg opening. Check out our flare leg styles here!


Straight leg style jeans  

Straight Leg: Straight leg jeans have the same width from the knee to the leg opening hence the "straight" effect. They're perfect for anyone who doesn't want to go to the skinny jean extreme, but still want that stream lined effect. Straight leg jeans can also be cuffed more easily that boot cut jeans when you want a different look. Their leg opening can vary from 14-16" depending on the size of the knee.


Skinny style jeans           

Skinny Leg: Skinny jeans are the only style that taper in from the knee. They're versatile and can be worn with flats, heels or boots. If you don't have a perfect body, you can still wear skinny jeans. Tucking them into boots or pairing them with a tunic top will help balance out bigger hips and thighs. Check out our  skinny leg styles here!



Rise Information: How high do you want to get?


Often we have found that the rise on a jean will vary somewhat by jean size. If you would like for us to measure the rise for you on your particular size, please call email or call us at 407.612.6457 and we will be happy to assist you.


Low-rise style jeans        

Low-rise: The definition of low-rise can vary by company, but generally sit at or below your hips and fall within the 3-6" range.


Mid-rise style jeans        

Mid-rise: Mid-rise jeans usually sit between the hips and the belly button. You'll like the mid-rise jeans if you have battled "muffin top" with low-rise jeans in the past. It's also a good way to give a little more support to the tummy area. Look for jeans with a rise higher than 7" like the Bad Assets from Lone Wolf or the Jinxed from Bus Stop.


High-rise style jeans       

High-rise: Higher rise jeans recently experienced a renaissance among fashionistas. They sit close to the belly button and give you the look of longer legs. Look for jeans that have a 9-10" rise like the Bella jean or the Classic Rise jeans.



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